St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Cemetery of Binghamton, N.Y., Inc.
Incorporated on March 23, 1933
Physically located at 1586 Airport Road, Town of Maine, New York
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 735 Johnson City, New York 13790

Dear Lot Holders and Families,

Dear Cemetery Lot Holders and Families,

Greetings to all! Here are some cemetery updates for you.

This year we have had some changes to our part-time cemetery crew. Our loyal, steady mower and trimmer, Larry Stack, resigned due to health. Many thanks to Larry Stack for his dedicated service! Volunteers, Ben and Nicole Phillips helped to mow and trim early in the Spring. Weather conditions slowed our progress in readiness for Memorial Day. Roger and Theresa Congdon volunteer their work in many ways on the cemetery grounds. Our cemetery paid staff members this year consists of Fred Daszewski and Anthony Sobiech III. They do a great job caring for the cemetery; their work and dedication are much appreciated!

The Cemetery Board of Directors listed on the back of this page volunteer their time, energy, and efforts in many ways throughout the year to keep the cemetery operation running smoothly.

Steve Litwin takes care of the cemetery website which is : Also many people help to put on the Breakfast Fundraisers. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Special thanks to all who provide appealing raffle baskets and unique items to raffle. We remember kindly Bill Flynn who announces cemetery breakfasts on Sunday mornings, live on Cool 100.5/106.7FM in Binghamton and on the Internet from 6 am to 11am.

Thank you to Joseph Warrick for setting up the Doug's Fish Fry fundraisers which are well attended. Thank you to all who volunteer efforts in making the cemetery not-for-profit association run well. If you wish to volunteer in any capacity, please let a board member know and we will place your name on a volunteer list.

We also thank you, the financial contributors who near and far away, who respond to this letter with your donations. The donations help in purchase and repair of equipment, repair to the buildings and the roadways and the general upkeep of the cemetery. We hope this also helps you to feel that you are caring for your deceased loved ones and that you too are part of the cemetery association.

Another pancake breakfast fundraiser will be held on Sunday, November 3, 2013 at Church of the Holy Trinity, Binghamton. Volunteers will be needed to set the tables, prepare food, serve, and clean up afterwards. Please consider helping out at the pancake breakfast. The person to contact for this is Edna Romanowski at 797-0385. David Hores will provide musical entertainment from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM . We look forward to seeing you at breakfast on Sunday, November 3rd! Included in this mailing are raffle tickets for a beautiful handmade quilt designed, sewn and donated by Joyce Struck.. Tickets are 3 for $5.00. The drawing will take place at the Pancake Breakfast on November 3, 2013. You need not be present to win!

The annual General Lot Holders Meeting will be held at 6 PM on April 7, 2014 at St. Ann's School in the basement level. This is school building located at Church of the Holy Trinity on Prospect St., Binghamton. All lot holders are welcome to attend.

It is time to purchase your own cemetery graves or plots for your present day family. The older, long standing cemetery plots are mostly filled and very shortly there will be no additional room in those plots. So, please consider purchasing your own grave or plot now and start making the payments on them. The deed will be issued when the grave or plot is totally paid. When the time of need arises your choices may be limited if you wait much longer. Presently the cost is $800 per grave.

Enclosed in this mailing is the updated Rules and Regulations of St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Cemetery of Binghamton, New York , Inc. Please keep the important paper in a safe place where you can refer to it often.

Many lot owners and family members look forward to a newsletter and to making their donation each year. Do what you can or what you wish to do in this regard. Suggested donations are: $10 annually per two grave plots; $20 for four grave plots, and $40 for eight grave plots. As always, please contribute as you think best. Please place your donation and donation card in the self-addressed envelope provided in this mailing. If you have a change of address, it is important to write out the new address on the back of the donation card. Also, please write out the name and address of family members who should receiving this newsletter


This Cemetery

is regulated by the New York State Cemetery Board

For any problem with this cemetery, first contact a member of the cemetery board listed next to this posting. If a resolution of the problem is not achieved, the Division of Cemeteries may be contacted by telephoning or writing:

Michael Seelman

New York State Division of Cemeteries

Office: 315-428-4237

State Office Building, 5th Floor

333 East Washington Street

Syracuse, New York 13202-1428

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